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Mysqldump server to server

Some Mysqldump kung fu to copy data between 2 servers. Very handy if you have limited disk space and needs to move lots of data.

From localhost to remote host #2:
mysqldump -v -N -u username -p'password' --databases db1 db2 | mysql -C -h hostnr2 -u root -p'password'

Through SSH:
mysqldump -v -u username -p'password' --databases db-name | ssh -C [email protected] mysql -u root -p'password'

Compress to gzip:
mysqldump -v -u username -p'password' --databases db-name | gzip -9 > dump.sql.gz

Add more -vv to mysqldump for increased verbosity. -C, --compress Use compression in server/client protocol.

Downside if the connection dies, which seems to happen quite a lot over distances, you have to start over from beginning (or specify tables) 🙁